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In view of the uncertainty around future group gatherings and travel arrangements due to the coronavirus crisis, you may register for the Congress now without financial commitment and with the right to cancel.  These conditions apply until the moment we can confirm that the Congress will go ahead. After that date, normal conditions apply.




FEPE Member (manufacturer)
           €750 before 30/6 and €950 
          after 30/6
FEPE Member (supplier)
        €750 before before 30/6 and €950 
        after 30/6
           €950 before 30/6 and €1,150 
          after 30/6


            €375 before 30/6 and €475
            after 30/6
  I    /   My   Partner will attend:
  Welcome Dinner (23/09)
  Gala Dinner (24/09)
  Farewell Evening (25/09)
  My partner will participate in:
  Partner Programme (24/09)


Invoices will be sent in July/August to the address entered above. Please do not pay before receiving the invoice.

A refund will be granted for cancellations made before 03/09/2021 (minus €100 admin fee). After 03/09/2021 no refunds can be made.



 For any queries or remarks regarding your registration please contact the FEPE secretariat: info@fepe.org;  + 32 2 779 4001

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