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Data Protection

A new proposal to ensure the privacy of personal data of European consumers in order to meet the requirements of globalization trends and the rapidly changing communication technologies was published on 25 January 2012. It shall replace the current Directive 95/46/EC on Protection of Personal Data which was passed in 1995.

The draft, approaching both online and traditional “direct Mail” communication, extends the scope of data protection and limits flexibility to use data for legitimate business purposes.
FEPE supports the view that personal privacy is of paramount importance and a basic right for all European citizens.

At the same time however, it is also important to enable the consumer to have a choice and getting the best out of the internal market. Direct Marketing plays an important role in this respect as it ensures that companies are able to inform customers of opportunities that are or will become available to them.

We therefore advocate for a balanced approach to be taken, which allows businesses to establish and maintain a long-term relationship with consumers, while ensuring the protection of their personal data.

To access the FEPE Position on the DM related aspects of the new proposal please click here.

Digital Europe

The European Union is promoting the digital economy for economic modernisation and for generating sustainable growth and jobs.

Digital communication offers clear advantages in terms of speed, cost, and flexibility. Member companies of the paper value chain fully adopt and benefit from digital technologies.

But there is legitimate concern that the freedom of senders and recipients of paper based communication is being affected by policies that try to push digital communication (eg e-invoicing and e-procurement) not only on its own merits, but by actively suppressing paper communication.

FEPE is in contact with the European Commission and other institutions to ensure that the advantages and benefits of paper based communication are equally understood and promoted and that fair competition is maintained.


FEPE is a member of the European Recovered Paper Council (ERPC) and a signatory of the European Declaration on Paper Recycling.

FEPE and its members are continuously involved in improving the recyclability of paper. Today, almost 70% of the paper across Europe is collected and recycled. In fact it’s one of the most recycled materials of all.

Together with the other members of the European Recovered Paper Council, a Recycling Monitoring Report is published on an annual basis. The latest Recycling Monitoring Report is available at the FEPE Secretariat.

Further information on paper recycling and the ERPC can be found at http://www.paperforrecycling.eu/ 


EU Ecolabel for Envelopes

In November 2011, FEPE as part of the Paper by Nature (PbN) consortium has received the European Union Ecolabeling Board`s approval to start developing an EU Ecolabel with specific criteria for “converted paper products”, including envelopes. So far, criteria only exist for copying and graphic paper as such, as well as for “printed paper products”, more focusing on products where printing, not converting, is the main production process (such as newspapers, books, magazines,..).

The technical work started in 2012 . The final draft criteria will be submitted to the EU Ecolabelling Board for a vote, and to the European Commission for final approval and publication. The process is expected to be finalised by the end of 2013 so that the new EU Ecolabel can be certified and used in the market in 2014.

For further information on EU Ecolabels please visit http://ec.europa.eu/environment/ecolabel/ or contact the FEPE Secretariat.


Promoting Paper and Mail

FEPE is a member of Print Power, a pan-European organisation promoting the use of print media in today`s multi-media world through focused marketing and advertising messages.

Print Power has been established in 2009 and comprises a wide range of companies representing the entire print media value chain - production, distribution, printing, content and delivery. This gives Print Power a unique level of expertise and experience in all areas of the print industry.

Print Power is organised at European level with national organisations launching integrated marketing programmes and campaigns adapted to national/local needs.

For further information on current activities/campaign, please visit www.printpower.eu or contact the FEPE Secretariat.

FEPE is also an active member of the Two Sides organisation. Its aim is to promote the responsible production and use of print and paper and to dispel common environmental misconceptions by providing users with verifiable information on why Print Media is an attractive, practical and sustainable method of communication (www.twosides.info).

Furthermore, FEPE is an active member of the Print Media Group (PMG). It comprises a cluster of industries forming the print media value chain – papermaking, paper converting, printing, publishing and marketing. It is a platform for print value chain members to meet and discuss relevant issues and agree common communications activities. For more information and statistics about the use of paper, you can download our Paper...What would we do without it? leaflet.

The group published a joint brochure titled “Print Media in Times of Change” (available from the FEPE Secretariat), which was officially launched and promoted at a workshop event organized on 14th November in Brussels, where communalities of print and digital media were discussed.


Postal & Mail issues

FEPE and its members are monitoring and contributing to changes affecting postal affairs, both at European (EU, CEN) and international (ISO, UPU) levels.

We are part of the European “Postal User Group”, which brings together various users of postal services to discuss issues and developments at stake and to communicate its concerns to the European Institutions.

Furthermore, FEPE is a member of EMIP, the European Mail Industry Platform. EMIP is a joint initiative of key stakeholders in the communications value chain from the production of the paper via transport, printing sorting and delivery to the “openability” of mail and the mail moment until the handling of waste. It provides expertise from all stakeholders in the written communications and mail value chain.

Its aim is to:
- stimulate growth in mail channel revenue
- make mail more effective
- remove cross border differences and barriers
- ensure the right perception of the contribution of mail

For further information please check out the EMIP report (2009) 'The Facts of our Value Chain. And visit http://www.emip.eu

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