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Direct mail is the most personal medium for businesses to be in touch with their customers, they are read by up to 84% of the recipients , and there are various other reasons why Direct Mail delivers so well:

  1. Direct mail enters an individual’s home and is consumed on a one-to-one basis, engaging in a relaxed environment at a time of the recipients choosing.
  2. Part of print media’s leading qualities is its ability to demand the full attention of the reader. With less distractions, the reader becomes immersed and the publication or leaflet is read more deeply – a process that leads to ‘deep thinking’ and an increase in effectiveness of the content.
  3. It works better: Recent research on the effectiveness of physical and online communication strongly suggests that greater emotional processing is facilitated by the physical material than by the virtual. The “real” experience that the physical media provides means it’s better at becoming part of memory. It generates more emotion, helping to develop more positive brand associations.“ 
  4. It can be tailor-made to contain relevant information for the individual customer- and new digital printing technologies make personalisation even easier. 
  5. Different paper qualities and colours can be used to make a mailing very appealing and to engage with the recipient`s sense of touch or smell
  6. New techniques and printing technologies have made it possible to enhance visual and sensory paper communication through 3D imaging, lenticular stamps, “scratch-and-sniff” applications, die-cutting, etc., as well as the use of papers with specific qualities and textures
  7. QR Codes, Augmented Reality or Video-in-Print technology can be added
  8. This digital integration offers the marketer a host of opportunities to engage with their customers in a number of new and exciting ways
  9. DM allows for all sorts of creativity – whatever you can fit in an envelope!

And while Social media & mobile marketing will become more important, one third of consumers would miss personal and unaddressed mailings according to Walter Trezek from Document Exchange Network. 

Increasing expectations regarding efficient, highly individualized and secured communication will rather require a mix of all communication channels in the future, in which the physical channel will continue to play a major role”. 

Taking into account the higher efficiency of a piece of DM compared to an electronic message, it is more environmentally friendly to do one paper based DM campaign than to send the number of emails required to reach the same effect- the DM would create 3,7 to 4,4 times more CO2 than a paper based direct marketing campaign *


Why do many of the most influential marketers spend as much as 50 per cent of their time on the envelope, when creating a direct mail package?

Because first impressions secure your message!  The envelope is the first thing that the customer sees – it is the “entrance ticket”, or the “headline of direct mail” as Ed Nash used to say.

Except for the obvious task of delivering its contents to the recipient, the envelope is a helpful tool to increase the addressee`s curiosity and expectations towards the content and to deliver a first marketing message.

A recent international survey among 3000 consumers comparing preferences for and efficiency of marketing channels confirms that the printed envelope is the most successful mailing technique. It has not only the highest opening and reading rates (85%), it also beats its electronic as well as other physical competitors in terms of recall and recognition (67%, email 11%).



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